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  • Pennsylvania Tourism Office
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Media to the power of 'good'

Between us all, marketers, agencies and media and content owners, we are creating new movements, new platforms, new behaviours, new ways for people to communicate and share, new experiences. With this influence must come a responsibility.

Tom Denford

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Gas guzzler

Here's the new choir-based commercial for the Alfa Romeo Mito - which treads ground already covered by a Honda Civic spot and takes it up one gear with the addition of helium. The ad sees the choir perform Mozart's 'Requiem...

Jack Horner

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Happy birthday Reebok pump!

Reebok is celebrating 20 years of pump technology and has launched a year-long celebration, including a 20 minute documentary (below) for those with too much time on their hands:

Olivia Solon

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Create a credible CSR campaign

In an age of media sound bites and unfulfilled promises actions truly speak louder than words.

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