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Adobe hits the wall

  • Adobe
  • UK

Adobe blurred the line between art and branding with interactive wall murals in New York and London, flaunting motion-activated graphics triggered by passers-by

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  • Absolut
  • EMEA
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Gratuitous footage of moobs

To promote the Mini in Canada, Taxi 2 has created a series of commercials that aim to show the spirit of the small car with a big attitude. The brand's first target? Man boobs:

Olivia Solon

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One goes into 3six5

My day to write for the 3six5 duly arrived yesterday and I made the following post. Slightly shmaltzy perhaps but heartfelt nonetheless...

Tom Denford

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Chameleon billboard

IBM wanted to highlight its supply chain software under the message: "a smarter supply chain responds faster to consumer preferences". How did it do this? With a chameleon-like billboard that mimicked the colour of clothing of whoever was standing in...

Olivia Solon

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