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A cut above the rest

  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Brazil

Rio's Museum of Modern Art made clever use of road markings to promote an event, painting directly onto the asphalt of a main road.

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  • Motorola
  • China
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Yummy - landmine amputee blood on chips

I am hoping this was a one-off stunt to make people think twice as they go about their daily lives - or perhaps a new strategy from Weight Watchers to frighten people out of eating junk food? via

Olivia Solon

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Taking a pop at Coca Cola

Traditional drinks manufacturer Fentiman takes a swipe at Coca Cola with its latest ad:

Olivia Solon

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The cult of Marmite

Marmite's latest campaign sees the elusive "Lord Marmarati" send out two options of limited edition Marmite jars to key bloggers to ask their opinion about which design should be manufactured.

Olivia Solon

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Drive loyalty

It’s one thing getting consumers to buy your brand once, but it’s quite another to make people repurchase your brand – especially if there is a lack of differentiation within your category.

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