The next generation media and marketing business resource

Cream is a global online information resource that catalogues and analyses the best innovation in media and marketing. The service launches this summer, but you can get a preview below.

Cream delivers the very best examples of media innovation and creativity from across the globe straight to your fingertips - in sharply written case study format. It catalogues innovation, brand bravery, new techniques and channels and gives examples of how creativity can deliver greater ROI, making your media work harder.

Cream launches this summer as the next generation of Brands, agencies and media owners subscribe to this cutting edge tool to get insights into the best media thinking, to inspire and benchmark innovation and share knowledge. As part of the launch, the new Cream Bespoke Solutions will respond to clients’ business issues to help them stay ahead in an increasingly competitive global market.

See a preview of the new site below and to get instant access to a vast library of case studies of media and marketing innovation visit now.

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Ideas library

The fully-searchable library of more than 2000 brand communications ideas spanning 86 countries is updated daily, with 50 new ideas each month. The ideas are sourced from a global network of editorial contacts, with the best being hand-picked and edited by a central team to ensure consistency of quality and style.

News and analysis

Daily news stories allow users to keep track of the latest media trends, competitor brand activity and new revenue models, as well as navigating new technologies.

Key audience sections

Specific sections address the different information needs of key audience segments. The ‘Brands’ section charts best practice in terms of brand innovation and monitors category activity. The ‘Agencies’ section shows how agencies are adapting to the changing media environment and benchmarks them based on their creative output. The ‘Media Owners’ section features examples of how media owners are adapting their revenue models with creative solutions to better serve clients.

Reports and research

Reports are in-depth white papers focusing on specific relevant topics, e.g. social media, performance, digital out of home. They comprise of a well-researched feature and relevant case studies to enable users to keep on top of trends and issues relating to media innovation.

The research section looks at all the latest market research, surveys and data generated by the media industry trying to understand the changing media environment, be it media consumption data, brand value rankings or consumer insight.

Automated Inspiration

Stuck for inspiration? Cream shuffle delves into the depths of the ideas library to randomly select a handful of ideas that can catalyze the creative process.

Virtual Festival of Media

Allows users to access videos and presentations from all of the sessions at the Festival of Media, as well as see all of the winning campaign write-ups and show-reels from the Festival of Media Awards.

Gateway to Cream

Gateway to all of the site’s content. Corporate subscribers have access to a bespoke knowledge sharing network, helping to learn, share and re-apply.

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